GLEAM Bin Cleaning & Pressure Washing Services

We take care of the unpleasant task of keeping your trash cans clean, so you don’t have to!

GLEAM’s curbside garbage can cleaning vehicle will arrive at your property just after the container has been emptied, following your local waste management schedule.

Convenient, simple and environmentally friendly!

What are the Benefits of Cleaning My Trash Can and Recycling Bins?

Experience shows that frequent cleaning of trash bins is required to reduce the risk of biological infection from waste containers. For that reason, GLEAM Bin Cleaning & Pressure Washing Services adopts a routine maintenance approach to our services, ensuring that your home is protected from common hazards such as Salmonella, Lister, and E-coli.

Our natural solvents kill 99% of all known germs, fungi and viruses, and we comply with all EPA regulations. Since we care about keeping your California area neighborhood clean, GLEAM’s trash can cleaning system is 100% environmentally friendly. Our fully self-contained cleaning unit collects all the chemicals and wastewater we wash off. This prevents urban run-off that can cause harm to the stormwater system or environment.

Trash Can Cleaning Process

Trash Can Inspection

Before GLEAM professionals begin the cleaning process, each bin is checked for any remaining debris. If there is any trash left in your bin after your neighborhood trash collection process has been completed, we will bag it and place it back into your trash bin after our cleaning process has been completed.*

Pressure Washing the Trash Bins

After the initial inspection, the container is taken to the rear of the GLEAM curbside trash can cleaning unit. A hydraulic lifting mechanism will then lift & rotate the container, placing it over a specially designed pressure washing mechanism. The pressure head rotates at high speed in all directions and effectively blasts any debris off the container. Our processes remove upwards of 99% of common bacteria from the container.

Self-Contained High Pressure Cleaning Unit

GLEAM’s system is 100% environmentally friendly, and the fully self-contained cleaning unit will come to your home and high-pressure clean, disinfect and deodorize your trash and recycling bins promptly after your neighborhood trash collector leaves.

Fresh and Clean Trash Cans

After the trash can cleaning process, the hydraulic lift returns the container to your curbside, where our technician will sanitize the inside and outside of your bins to ensure they are fresh, clean and ready to return to your property.

Confirmation of Service

Finally, we place an easily removable tag on the handle to confirm that the container has been processed.

Regularly Scheduled Trash Can and Recycling Bin Cleaning

By continuing to use GLEAM’s services on a regular basis (at least once a month), your trash and recycle bins will maintain a sufficient level of cleanliness. Our cleaning services are far more effective than that of manually cleaning your own trash bin with a hose and bleach!

Environmentally-Friendly Garbage Can Cleaning

GLEAM’s hypoallergenic solution has a naturally pleasant scent and does not employ chemical fragrances. Our mobile units are environmentally friendly and only employ practices that leave no debris or runoff water behind.

*This goes for small, forgotten contents. Should we decide that too much trash has been left in your bin, we will have to skip it and return to clean it after your next scheduled pick-up service.
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