Where are the Dallas Recycling Centers?

A recycling symbol made of plants against a wood background with the words "Dallas Recycling Center Locations"

If you’re a Dallas citizen who is environmentally-conscious, then you know how important recycling is. But what if you don’t own a recycling bin? No need to worry – there are many recycling centers and bins in Dallas, and you likely have one really close by. Here is a list of the locations of recycling […]

Where Does My Texas Recycling Actually Go?

A cardboard background has a simple recycling logo punched into it with a question mark in the center, and the words "Where does my recycling go?" are on the cardboard

Recycling has become second nature for many, but there are a few who are skeptical about what happens to their recyclables once they are picked up by the recycling truck. Today, there are many guidelines in place that determine what happens to recycled materials once they leave your curb or are dropped off at a […]