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The struggle is real, and we’ve all had it. You throw something away, and the garbage bag falls in. Not only is it frustrating, but it can create quite a mess. Use these nifty tricks to keep your garbage bag in place!

Hook It

Adhesive strips and tools are life-savers. They allow you to hang decorations without stripping the paint, and can even solve your slipping trash bag dilemma. Adhere two adhesive strips hooks to the outside of your trash can. Create two handles in your trash bag (e.g., use scissors to poke a small hole in the material). Wrap these newly-created handles around the adhesive hooks. Voila ― trash bag that doesn’t slip!

Bungee It

Fresh out of adhesive strips, but have some bungee cords in the garage? These work great to fix your slipping trash bag. Simply fold the excess garbage bag over the lip of the garbage can. Then, wrap the bungee cord securely around the lid. For large outdoor trash cans, you may need to use more than one bungee cord. Make sure that the bungee cord is nice and tight to avoid slippage.

Tie It

A trick that most restaurants use for their large trash cans is to simply tie the excess trash bag together in a knot on the side of the garbage can. This helps keep the trash bag tight against the lid. There a few drawbacks with this though. Sometimes the strain from the bag being tied on one side and cause the material to become flimsy and rip. To prevent this, double bag your trash bags.

Clip It

The last pro tip is to use bread bag clips. These hardy materials are specifically designed to create a tight seal between two objects. This works perfectly for keeping your trash bag inside of your garbage bin. Simply clip the bag to the lip of your trash can on all four sides to keep it from falling in.

Following these helpful tips can help you avoid the headache of cleaning up after your trash slips deep into the garbage bin. For professional cleaning services of your garbage can, contact GLEAM Bin Cleaning & Pressure Washing Services.