A man on a lift pressure washing graffiti off the side of a building with the words how to remove graffiti

Graffiti is an unfortunately common form of vandalism. If your property has been vandalized by graffiti, or if you simply want an older graffiti job removed, the process of getting rid of it can seem tricky. Fortunately, by reacting quickly and using the proper cleaning techniques for the surface, you can efficiently remove graffiti from your commercial property. Here is how to remove graffiti:

1. React Quickly

If your property has been vandalized by graffiti, one of the most important things to do is to react quickly. When you have the graffiti removed quickly, it may not have all of the time that it needs to fully settle into the underlying material. Furthermore, taking prompt action can help to prevent erosion and corrosion that can occur after the paint has been applied. Additionally, experts believe that leaving the graffiti up for too long will send the wrong message to the vandals. Property owners that remove it quickly will send a message that it is not appreciated, thus making the property less of a target in the future.

2. Identify the Surface

When it comes to removing graffiti from your property, there are a variety of different removal methods to consider. The best method of graffiti removal will depend significantly on the type of material and surface that has been damaged. Some of the most common surface types to be vandalized by graffiti include metal, wood, plastic, glass, or masonry.

3. Wipe it Off

Depending on how long the graffiti has been on the surface, you may be able to simply wipe it off by using the appropriate cleaning agent. If the surface is made of metal, you may be able to wipe it off with a paint thinner, acetone, or mineral spirits. There are also a variety of graffiti removal wipes that are designed for specific types of metals. If this doesn’t work, using steel wool or sandpaper lightly could remove it. With plastic or sealed wood surfaces, removing the graffiti could be even easier- using a light penetrating oil and some light sandpaper is normally enough in these situations. Due to the coarseness of its surface, using wipes and oils likely will not be sufficient to remove graffiti from a masonry surface.

Whenever you are using any type of graffiti removal product, it is important that you consider the environment. If there are younger kids or pets around, you should look for products that are safe and environmentally-friendly. As always, take proper precautions when using these chemicals.

4. Power Wash the Surface

If the graffiti cannot be effectively removed by scrubbing and wiping, using a pressure washer or is the best method. Using a pressure washer with 3000psi is normally sufficient for graffiti that is on metal or wood surfaces. Depending on the strength of the glass or plastic, it might be too dangerous to use pressure washers on those materials.

Since power washers can easily cause damage to surfaces if not used exactly right, it’s often best to have a professional pressure washing company take care of this process for you. They will have the tools and experience that are necessary to identify the right way to remove the graffiti, which will result in a much better outcome and can save you a lot of time and money.

5. Cover it Up

If none of these methods work, another option could be to simply cover up the graffiti. No matter what surface you are trying to correct, adding a fresh coat of paint will cover up any graffiti job. Depending on how much surface area the graffiti takes up and the color of the paint, you may need to add multiple coats. You also need to make sure you choose the right paint type for the appropriate surface.

If your property has been vandalized or damaged by graffiti, contact Gleam Bin Cleaning & Pressure Washing Services. We’ll make sure that the graffiti is removed effectively without causing any damage. Our company only uses environmentally-friendly products and processes, and we’ll make sure that your property looks good as new.