Whether you are thinking about converting part of your garage into livable space or you are simply tired of the smells filling the space, you’re likely looking for ways to eliminate those garage odors. Fortunately, a few cleaning tasks, deodorizing efforts, and other simple steps can help you with this task. Here is how to eliminate the odors in your garage:

Contain the Scents

Look around your garage and try to determine what the cause of the odors is. Is it mainly due to pet products or perhaps old sporting equipment that’s covered in sweat and mud? Gather all of the stinky items into one area and try to contain them if possible. Storing dog food in a sealed bin instead of in a loose bag is a great idea. Providing a bin for dirty sports laundry will not only help the scent stay contained but will make it easier on you when wash day comes. By containing these scents, you’ll help the rest of your garage stay fresher.

Air Out your Garage

If you don’t actually use your garage for storing your car, you may not open that garage door very often. Find a nice day and open the garage for a few hours. You’ll get some fresh air inside, and the sunshine serves as a natural disinfectant too. That’s a win-win situation.

Look for Unexpected Odor Causes

If the scent in your garage seems like way too much to handle, it could be that there is something highly-unexpected lurking inside. If you have a cat or dog, make sure they haven’t used the restroom in a hidden spot. Additionally, a small animal like a squirrel, rabbit, or lizard may have snuck in your garage and found a dark corner as his or her final resting place. Doing a full-scale search of your garage may help you find these issues and remedy them.

Clean Your Garbage Bins

When was the last time you’ve had your garbage bin cleaned? Because HOAs often have rules about the visibility of garbage cans from the curbside, many people keep these bins in the garage. The large curbside cans can become hotbeds for fungi, mold, mildew, and bacteria, all of which lead to a bad odor. Additionally, if you throw away dirty diapers or litter box refuse, you’ll find that these scents don’t go away once the trash is dumped. Hiring a professional to clean, disinfect, and treat your cans for smells can make a huge difference in how the garage smells.

Recycle or Safely Dispose of Unused Chemicals

Old paint, oil, and other chemicals can build up odors over time. If you’re not going to use any of these products anymore, look for a place you can recycle them so you can get the products out of your garage. Check with mechanics in the area as they often let you drop these products off for recycling.

Weatherproof the Garage

If you have water leaking into your garage on rainy days, this can lead to bad smells all year round. Invest in weatherproofing your garage; not only will it help with the smell problem, but it will keep your home in better repair and less-attractive to insects and other pests as well. This could be a worthy investment in the overall structural integrity of your home, not just a way to keep odors at bay.

Utilize Deodorizers

There are many commercial products on the market that will help with light, everyday odors. Choose the products that actually disinfect the air, instead of just covering up odors. Another idea is to use baking soda to naturally eliminate odors and give the garage an overall fresher feel.

Clean Up Oil and Other Chemicals

If you do store your car in the garage, chances are you have oil, freon, and other chemicals on the floor of your garage. These can lead to a serious odor problem, especially if they aren’t cleaned up regularly. Use a professional-quality degreaser and clean your garage floor on a regular basis. You may be surprised by how big of a difference that can make to how it smells.

Out of all the ways to deodorize your garage, a garbage bin cleaning is often the most effective. If you’d like more information about the benefits of trash bin cleaning or if you would like to learn about the other services we offercontact us at GLEAM Bin Cleaning and Pressure Washing today. We look forward to helping you enjoy spending time in your garage once again.