About GLEAM Frisco – Bin Cleaning & Pressure Washing Services

The Frisco branch of GLEAM began its operations on April 10, 2017. This franchise is run by CEO Courtney Gilcrease, and its dedicated employees take care of a large Texas service area.

What We Do

After GLEAM got its start in McKinney, Texas, Gilcrease purchased the Frisco branch in the Spring of 2020 and took charge of the service for the initial city. She also spread the service to the surrounding cities of Frisco, Plano, and Prosper. Now, most of Collin County and surrounding areas west of I-75 can benefit from GLEAM Frisco’s residential and commercial trash bin cleaning and pressure washing services.

Why We Do It

Gilcrease wanted to offer a service that treats people like more than customers — they’re treated like family. She became aware of the fact that most people don’t know of the health hazards associated with touching disgusting trash and recycling bins. She wanted to offer a service that would make them aware of the benefits of cleaning their bins, and that would keep families and communities just as healthy as he keeps her own. GLEAM was the perfect opportunity to offer this service to the Frisco and surrounding communities.

About Courtney Gilcrease, CEO

Courtney Gilcrease’s favorite thing is to offer a fun energetic atmosphere for all of her employees. She loves that she has created a company that makes you forget a trash can is still a trash can.

Gilcrease purchased her first trash can cleaning company in May of 2019. Following up with another huge purchase in April of 2020. North Texas Sanitation was her first, followed up by Gleam Llc. Her vision is to become the largest in the Nation.

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