Trash Can Cleaning Services in Colorado Springs, CO

A GLEAM truck cleans a Trash bin and Recycling bin

When you own a home or business in the Colorado Springs area, having garbage cans and recycling bins that are clean and free of odors is a priority. This area is known for having the occasional black bear wander through the streets in search of food. When your cans and bins are spotless and don’t contain any strong odors, you’re less likely to have bears come onto your property.

Clean cans and bins are also a must when it comes to your health. Trash cans and bins that are dirty or grimy are breeding grounds for bacteria to grow and multiply, which puts you at risk of getting sick. Strong food odors from your cans and bins can also bring rats and mice around, as well as insects and other pests, which leads to a higher risk of developing hantavirus or other diseases that rodents and bugs in the Colorado Springs area often carry.

At GLEAM Bin Cleaning and Pressure Washing Services, we provide trash can and recycling bin cleaning services for residential and commercial customers in the Colorado Springs area. Some of the areas we serve include Fountain, Larkspur, Peyton, Manitou Springs, Castle Rock, and Parker. As part of GLEAM Colorado Springs’ commitment to protect the environment, we use eco-friendly cleaning services for all trash cans and bins. This helps save on water usage and reduces the number of chemical pollutants in the air and in your water. Our state-of-the-art equipment and years of expertise will keep your trash cans and bins clean, and keep you healthy.

Residential Pressure Washing Services in Colorado Springs, CO

Residential properties in the Colorado Springs area can have exterior surfaces that become grimy due to environmental pollutants, wind storms that blow debris around, and heavy rains. Whether you have a deck with a dirty surface or a driveway that’s covered in grime from years of use, we have the equipment, knowledge, and skills to get it clean once more. At GLEAM, we can give your patio, deck, driveway, or other outside surface a thorough cleaning to remove grime, mold, dirt, and other debris that can ruin its appearance.

Whether you live right in Colorado Springs or in a neighboring town, you can rely on our pressure washing experts to make your property look as good as new again. Our top-of-the-line equipment has enough power to eliminate dirt and grime from many exterior surfaces and materials. If your residential property is due for a cleaning, please give us a call for more details on our services.

Commercial Pressure Washing Services in Colorado Springs, CO

Commercial properties in the Colorado Springs area need to have a clean exterior for public health reasons, and to avoid deterring customers. Having dirty shopping carts, graffiti, or a parking lot covered with grime leaves a negative first impression. In some cases, grime and dirt can also be a public health hazard because it can attract rodents and insects, or cause bacteria to grow and spread.

In addition to pressure washing the exterior of your commercial property, we also clean parking garages, parking lots, shopping carts, dumpsters, and surfaces that are covered in graffiti. We also provide gum removal services for all parts of your commercial property. If you need pressure washing services for your property, please contact the experts at GLEAM Colorado Springs for more information. We look forward to helping you keep your Colorado Springs commercial property clean.

GLEAM Franchise in the Colorado Springs Area

The GLEAM Colorado Springs branch is proud to help residential and commercial customers in the Colorado Springs area. With bears and other wildlife around, along with rodents and other pests, we know how important it is for property owners to keep garbage cans and recycling bins clean and odor-free. Since this is often easier said than done, we opened up the Colorado Springs branch in order to provide this service for those in the area.

Since we’re dedicated to keeping Colorado Springs communities clean, we use cleaning methods that protect the environment rather than harm it. We’re proud to play a role in maintaining clean and healthy homes and communities in and around Colorado Springs.

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Germ & Bug Free

Our regular washing of your bin removes bacteria, decreases pest and insect infestation, and prevents your bin from contaminating your home. Learn More

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Our bin washing process utilizes state-of-the-art, self-contained equipment. This ensures that your bins get clean and the environment stays clean.

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Pricing Plans

We offer affordable pricing plans ranging from monthly to quarterly cleanings. There’s a plan for every budget.

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Patio & Deck Washing

Is Patio and Deck looking a bit rough? Time to call GLEAM and let our experienced techs get them looking like new.

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Driveway Cleaning

For curb appeal or just neighborhood pride, a clean driveway is a must. We’ll have the concrete looking new in no time.

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A clean exterior is essential to bringing in customers. We’ll take care of the parking lot, carts, dumpsters and anything else that needs it.

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