DIY Lattice Enclosure for Your Outdoor Trash Can

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Outdoor trash cans are essential for keeping the garbage out of your house and ready for pick up. In order to add a unique flair and effectively hide your trash can, why not consider building an outdoor lattice? Lattices are a nice half-day DIY project that not only looks great but also helps you stylize […]

How to Keep My Garbage Cans From Blowing Away

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It can be frustrating to battle with the wind to keep your garbage can upright. Knocked over garbage cans create the perfect feast for animals, scatter garbage throughout your yard, and can spread potential hazards over your driveway or road. And if your trash bin blows too far away from your home, it can be […]

How to Eliminate Garage Odors

Whether you are thinking about converting part of your garage into livable space or you are simply tired of the smells filling the space, you’re likely looking for ways to eliminate those garage odors. Fortunately, a few cleaning tasks, deodorizing efforts, and other simple steps can help you with this task. Here is how to […]

How do I Keep my Dog Out of the Trash Can?

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Most of the time, your dog is your best friend. On occasion, though, your dog is more like a mischievous child. And one of the most common acts of mischief they engage in is getting into the trash. The smells in your trash bin are alluring to a dog, so you may have trouble keeping […]

How to Keep Raccoons Away from a Trash Bin

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Are you frustrated by raccoons constantly getting into your trash bins? Unfortunately, raccoons can be very persistent when they decide they want to get into your trash—and rarely are they tidy enough to pick up the garbage they leave strewn in your yard. Fortunately, these tips and tricks will help keep raccoons away from your […]

How to Eliminate the 10 Worst Home Odors

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Nasty smells can really impede how much you enjoy being at home. They can be caused by a wide range of issues, and you won’t solve the stench problems until you track down their sources. Here are some common culprits: 1. Interior Trash Cans Garbage stinks – that’s a fact of life. However, garbage that […]

10 Easy Trash Can Hacks

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Trash cans are one of the unsung stars of your property; they corral all your unwanted materials and make it easier to keep your home clean. Unfortunately, they can also be the cause of a lot of frustration — little annoyances that affect you weekly. The good news is that you can keep these annoyances […]