Creative Ways to Hide your Outdoor Garbage Bin

Two trashcans behind a fence, one closed, the other with a Christmas tree sticking out of it, with the words hiding your outdoor garbage bin

Whether they’re supplied by the city or purchased from a home improvement store, garbage bins are unsightly and can detract from the look of your home; in fact, many HOAs require homeowners to hide their outdoor bins. Fortunately, there are some great ways that you can prevent your garbage cans from being visible from the […]

What Surfaces are Safe to Clean with a Pressure Washer?

A person pressure washing concrete beside the words "Pressure Washing"

Pressure washers are effective at deep cleaning many different types of surfaces. It’s important to remember, however, that not all surfaces should be cleaned with a power washer as the pressure may damage the surface. To help you avoid damaging your property, here is a list of surfaces that are safe to clean with a […]