10 Easy Trash Can Hacks

A trash can full of paper with more paper surrounding it sits on a wood floor beside the words "10 Easy Trash Can Hacks"

Trash cans are one of the unsung stars of your property; they corral all your unwanted materials and make it easier to keep your home clean. Unfortunately, they can also be the cause of a lot of frustration — little annoyances that affect you weekly. The good news is that you can keep these annoyances […]

Where Does My Texas Recycling Actually Go?

A cardboard background has a simple recycling logo punched into it with a question mark in the center, and the words "Where does my recycling go?" are on the cardboard

Recycling has become second nature for many, but there are a few who are skeptical about what happens to their recyclables once they are picked up by the recycling truck. Today, there are many guidelines in place that determine what happens to recycled materials once they leave your curb or are dropped off at a […]