Blue and Gray garbage bins on the sidewalk

Trash cans are one of the unsung stars of your property; they corral all your unwanted materials and make it easier to keep your home clean. Unfortunately, they can also be the cause of a lot of frustration — little annoyances that affect you weekly. The good news is that you can keep these annoyances at bay with these 10 helpful hacks:

1. Beat the Suction Effect: Pull Trash Bags out of Cans Easier

You know the drill: Grab the edges of the bag, pull up, and then try to catch the garbage can bottom between your feet to prevent the can from lifting up with the garbage bag. This is because the friction between the plastic bag and can sides is creating a suction effect on the bag. All you have to get rid of this effect is drill small holes around the perimeter of your kitchen trash can. Place them a couple of inches above the bottom of the can so that if a bag breaks, you won’t have liquids or slimy trash seeping out through the holes.

2. Add Handles and Wheels for Easy Movement

Moving your outdoor trash bin can be a pain when its full. And if you haven’t cleaned the can for a while, dragging it by its lip might be unpleasant. Instead, add a handle and wheels. Four caster-like wheels at the bottom make it easy to move the garbage can around, and the handle lets you pull the can without touching a dirty edge.

3. Stop the Garbage Bag from Falling in

It seems like no matter how fancy the bag is, you end up having to reach in and pull the sides back over the edge of the trash can after the bag’s been swept down by a heavy piece of trash. For drawstring bags, place an adhesive hook upside-down on each side of the can and place the drawstring on the hooks. For non-drawstring bags, use metal clips to attach the bag to the underside of the lip.

4. Make Sure You Always Have a Spare Trash Bag

If you always have spare bags sitting at the bottom of the can (underneath the bag you’re currently using), you’ll make sure you’re covered for those times when you reach into the box with the trash bags and find it empty. Keep two or three trash bags folded up at the bottom of a clean garbage can.

5. Control Garbage Odor

Odors are a major issue with garbage cans if you’re not careful. To take care of foul odors, place a cotton ball dotted with essential oils at the bottom of the can; you can also use a scented dryer sheet. If you want to absorb odors without adding a new scent, try baking soda.

6. Hide (or Unhide) the Trash Can

For many, seeing a trash can is kind of icky, and giving the can its own cabinet to sit in helps keep the kitchen look and smell nicer. For others, hiding the can means forgetting to take out the garbage. Store the can accordingly.

7. String Up a Lid-Raising Device

Here’s a fun one if you store your trash bin under something immobile and have wheels on the bin: Connect the edge of the trash can lid to the immobile object over it with string. When you roll the garbage can out, the string will pull the lid up so you don’t have to touch the lid when you’re putting garbage inside the can.

8. Make Sure You Use the Right Size of Garbage Can and Bag

Something as simple as using the wrong size of trash bag or even the wrong size bin — especially in the bathroom — can make the trash harder to handle. Ensure that the bag fits the dimensions of the trash can and that the can is big enough to handle how much you toss into it.

9. Use Newspaper as an Intermediate Liner

Fold up a small section of your old newspaper and place it between the outside bottom of the bag and the extra bags you have in the can. The paper will absorb any leaking liquid which will save you some scrubbing when you finally remove the leaking bag.

10. Clean Your Trash Bin Frequently

The longer you go between cleanings for your trash can, the more it will stink and be unpleasant to touch. Save yourself some grief by getting the can cleaned frequently by GLEAM Bin Cleaning and Pressure Washing Services. A monthly cleaning can be enough to prevent major buildups of gunk.